Artists & Illustrators Interview


There was a nice little article about me and my artwork in the Summer Addition of "Artists & Illustrators" magazine this June. ...more

16th ARC Salon Finalist


A very happy piece of news: I once again became a finalist in the prestigious 16th ARC Salon Competition! ...more

North East Open Studios 2022


Another North East Open Studios exhibition has just passed and as always, was a very busy and hectic but totally worthy experience. I got to meet quite a few new visitors to my studio and had a number of interesting conversations. On the more practical side I achieved a few sales of my artwork and gained a few commissions. ...more

Some Good News During Lockdown


"Braeburn Tartan" makes ARC Salon finalist ...more

A Successful Open Studio During the Pandemic


My most successful NEOS to date saw 15 paintings find new homes. ...more

An Article About Me


Last June I was contacted by a correspondent of the local (Aberdeen) newspaper “Evening Express” who asked me for an interview in order to write an article about my art which I readily accepted. ...more

NEOS 2019


18 of my works found new homes in what was a busy month! ...more

14th International ARC Salon


ARC Salon Finalist once again! ...more

Artists Of The Year 2019


In December 2018 I was very excited to find out that my work "Simple Pleasures" had been shortlisted for the "Artists Of The Year 2019" Exhibition in The Mall Galleries. ...more

Solo Exhibition at "Phoenix Hall", October - November 2018


Last October - November I had a solo exhibition at a very popular venue “Phoenix Community Hall” on North Deeside, Aberdeen. ...more

Art Aboyne 2018


Whilst I was doing the workshop in Bruges some of my paintings were on display in Art Aboyne ...more

Workshop In Bruges


I have just returned from a most inspiring and at the same time a very difficult workshop with one of the greatest contemporary artists Max Ginsburg. ...more

Duff House Exhibition


In February-March 2018 I took part in Aberdeen Artists' Society Exhibition in Duff House, Banff, Scotland. ...more

Workshop with Joshua Larock; FACE & TRAC


I took part in two very interesting events in November, both in America. ...more

North East Open Studios 2017


11 of my paintings found new homes. ...more

Painting in Rosemary's Garden


A fantastic experience in Yorkshire painting in the nature with Kathy Anderson. ...more

Spring in Florence


Back in Florence to paint alongside a very talented young artist Amy Florence Mosley. ...more

Artist of the Year 2017


On January 24 I was honored to be at The Finalists' Reception of "Artists Of The Year 2017" at the Mall Galleries for the 3d time! ...more

NEOS 2016


September is now associated with North East Open Studios for me so this year I took part in this event again for the 5th time. ...more

Max Ginsburg Workshops


Following my acquaintance with the wonderful artist Max Ginsburg during the TRAC (Representational Art Conference) in Ventura, CA, in November 2015 I decided to attend two of his workshops in America. ...more

Artists of the Year 2016


Last November (2016) brought another piece of happy news: another one of my paintings had been selected for “Artists Of The Year” Exhibition. ...more

TRAC 2015 - The Representational Art Conference


Last November I spent a few days attending the most inspirational and invigorating art event held in Ventura, California: The Representational Art Conference (TRAC). ...more

Grand Prize Winner of "International Artist" Still Life Competition


Last August I received some very exciting news about being awarded The Grand Prize in the Still Life Competition by "International Artist" magazine... ...more

ARC Salon 2015 Finalist


Second time in a row I became ARC Salon finalist which was very lovely news. My painting "The Fall" was selected for ARC Salon 2015.

Glasgow Art Fair 2015


Glasgow Art Fair was held at the newly renovated Old Fruit Market for the first time this year. ...more

Coming Up: Glasgow Art Fair


I would like to invite all my fans and art lovers to the inaugural event of the Glasgow Art Fair taking place on April 24-26. ...more

NEOS Round-up


Well NEOS is now over, it’s been long 10 days that passed very quickly! ...more

NEOS 2014: 6-14 September


This year, after a 4-year break I am taking part in NEOS again! ...more

The story behind "Escape from Seafood Risotto"


How a strange dream turned into a quest for live langoustines ...more

ARC Salon 2014 Finalist


Last April I was thrilled to find out that two of my paintings have been selected as finalists in the Still Life Category for the ARC Annual Salon. ...more

Easter Portrait Workshop In Florence


End of March to early April is my favourite time of the year in Florence and I happened to be there again last March attending the 2 weeks' Portraiture Workshop at Charles Cecil's school. ...more

Artist of the Year Reception at the Mall Galleries


Last January as a follow up to my win of the Third Prize at "The Artist Of The Year" competition, I attended the Reception and Awards Ceremony at The Mall Galleries. ...more

3rd Prize at the Artist of the Year 2013 Award!


More great news! Artists & Illustrators magazine has awarded me 3rd prize at the Artist of the Year 2013. ...more



Wonderful News! I have been short-listed for “Artists And Illustrators Of the Year” competition! ...more

The Aberdeen Art Fair Been and Gone!


The Aberdeen Art Fair 2013 which took nearly 8 months of my focused attention and preparation finally took place in the middle of last August. ...more

Painting For The Deadline. Good News!


Good news! My application for Aberdeen Art Fair was accepted! ...more

Workshop In Salisbury


Last spring I spent 2 weeks in Salisbury, South West England, doing a workshop with Nicholas Beer, a renowned artist and teacher from Charles Cecil’s Studios in Florence. ...more

One of the first painting created in my new studio...


One of my first paintings created in my new studio was “The Dog’s View” which gives the viewer an insight into my studio and my life as an artist... ...more

It’s been so unbelievably long!


A long overdue update! ...more

Christmas Update


and my plans for the new year! ...more

NEOS 2010


This coming September I will be participating in NEOS (North East Open Studios) for the 3d time. ...more

Back to Florence


Exciting and saturated with events as it was, summer is almost over now and it will soon be time for me to return to Florence to continue my studies there at the Angel Art Academy. ...more

Magical Forest Sold


I felt proud and yet... sorry to see that painting go, it was my favourite. But I was delighted to know that it went to a very good home where it will be appreciated ...more

Artaboyne Exhibition


Last July I took part in "Artaboyne", a well-established exhibition of local art work from around Aberdeenshire. It is held approximately same time every year in conjunction with the Deeside Festival. ...more

Pietro Annigoni's Legacy


Last May I had the honour to participate in the Angel Art Academy Exhibition in Florence. Angel Art Academy holds their students' and alumni exhibitions annually and they are always of consistently high quality however this year it was a particularly important event because the show was dedicated to the Centennary of Pietro Annigoni, one of the most prominent modern realist painters of the last century. ...more