It’s been so unbelievably long!

A long overdue update!
Dear all,

it’s been so unbelievably long since I wrote my last blog! My main excuse is that the past 2,5 years at the Angel Academy Of Art were extremely busy and I had to focus on what I was studying there in order to complete the program. During the last term on top of the very intense curriculum I was also attending evening portrait classes at The Russian Academy Of Art in Florence trying to learn the unique techniques used by the Russian academic school of painting which are deeply rooted in the XIX century.

There were also Anatomy and Ecorche evening classes to attend so life was full to the bream with no time to spare on anything else. No doubt that whatever extra knowledge I managed to pick up expanded my artistic views and helped my development as an artist. However everything comes to an end and so did my studies in Florence. In December 2012 I graduated from Angel Academy Of Art and returned to Scotland just before Christmas.

After nearly 4 years of working in a group in the creative and inspirational atmosphere of an art school in Florence it was not easy for me to get used to working on my own in the solitude of my studio. It took me some time to settle down again and to set up my own studio, however starting last February I managed to work out and stick to a rather steady schedule trying to create my own art basing on and applying all the knowledge that I managed to absorb in the past 4 years.