Rusudana Glonti is a classically trained artist who works in the Realist style primarily in oils. Although she was always interested in art and had been drawing since her childhood, Rusudana only got serious about her art career later in life when she got the opportunity to hone her skills at The Angel Art Academy in Florence, Italy where she completed the full programme in drawing and painting. Upon her return home to Scotland she started working from her own studio in Aberdeenshire where she is currently based. She continued her learning process by attending a variety of workshops with some prominent artists in the UK, Italy and USA, such as Joshua LaRock, Max Ginsburg, Kathy Anderson just to name a few. Basing on the knowledge gained from all those sources and inspired by some of the amazing artists of the past, especially those of the late XIX century like Repin, Sargent and Sorolla, Rusudana is trying to create her own style of communicating her artistic vision.

Her focus is primarily on still life and human form although she recently added animal portraits to her range of interests. Rusudana participated in a number of national and international art shows and won a few awards including The Grand Prize in Still Life Competition by “International Artist” magazine (2015), The Third Prize in “Artists Of The Year” competition by “Artists & Illustrators” (2013) and on a few occasions her works were shortlisted for “Artists Of The Year”. She also became a finalist in the ARC International Salon by The Art Renewal Center for 8 years in a row. Rusudana’s artwork can be found in a number of private collections in The United Kingdom and The USA


Trying to be me.

Throughout my life I was influenced by a number of artists whose work I found inspirational, primarily those of the late XIX - early XX century like Ilya Repin, John Singer Sargeant and Joaquin Sorolla. Perhaps the most important and fascinating thing I learned by studying their work is their amazing ability to lift the mundane into the realm of the beautiful which is in my view, the essence of art. Yet I never tried to paint exactly like any of them. I am trying to be me which is probably the hardest thing to achieve in today's quickly changing world. I get my inspiration from various sources but whatever the subject might be, what invariably motivates me is the beauty of the moment which I strive to capture and share with the viewer.