I always enjoyed art, both looking at it and doing it myself. Living in Moscow I had vast opportunities to see a lot of art in some of the world’s best museums to which I was introduced quite early in my life. Perhaps that’s when my passion for art first started developing. I was deeply impressed by the brilliant Russian artists of the nineteenth century such as Levitan, Repin, Surikov and many others. However, as it often happens, life took me on a different path, I opted to be educated as a linguist and for a number of years I was unable to dedicate much time to art and only started painting again later in life which almost co-incided with my moving to Scotland in 1999.

Having attended a variety of short courses and workshops in Scotland and abroad, I realized that I needed some serious training in classical realism which was always my preferred style in art. I found the answer to my search in “Angel Art Academy” in Florence of which which I became a full-time student for the next nearly 4 years between 2009-2012, having completed the program by Christmas 2012. The school helped me greatly in my striving to become a realist artist as well as in developing some other qualities essential for artists, such as work discipline, physical perseverance and artistic vision. During my stay in Florence I also attended some other part-time courses to expand my abilities and master my skills, including the portraiture course at “Russian Academy Of Art” in Florence, Ecorche course with an American sculptor Jason Arcles and Anatomy For Artists.

Upon returning from Florence just before Christmas 2012 I started my own studio where I try to produce art work basing on the skills and knowledge that I acquired during my training in Florence but using my own approach and imagination. My two main areas of interest in art are human form and still life. However inspired by the beauty of nature around me, I can sometimes be driven to paint landscapes. I work in various mediums, depending on the subject and mood, I can switch between oil, watercolor, pastel and charcoal, however oil is certainly my preferred medium.

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My constant search of beauty is the driving force behind my art work: I am convinced that there is beauty in every object and every living being and I am striving to bring it out and share it with the viewer. Inspired by many great artists of the past such as Ilya Repin, John Singer Sargeant, Ivan Kramskoj, Rembrandt and Joakin Sorolla, only to name a few, I try to apply the classical approach to the more modern subjects and to find the equilibrium between the new and the eternal because I believe that true art is timeless.